Ruling: #OD024-16

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Infraction Date: July 24, 2016
Person: Brian Callahan
Infraction: Postive Test - Post Race
Position: Trainer
Track: Ocean Downs
Penalty: $2,500, Suspended: Training - 30 Days, 8/17/2016 - 9/15/2016
Action Date: August 11, 2016

Brian Callahan being trainer of record on sample #18026 which is positive for DEXAMETHASONE: 57 plus or minus 8 picograms / ml (class 4). Detection, identification were performed utilizing liquid chromatography / mass spectrometry. Mr. Callahan is issued a 30-day suspension of his "trainer's" license and fined $2500.00. Suspension begins August 17, 2016 to and including September 15, 2016. Under ARCI Uniform Guidelines for foreign substances, Mr. Callahan is assigned 1 point for use of a controlled medication. COMAR: