Ruling: #RCR16-031

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Infraction Date: September 27, 2016
Person: Tina Duer
Infraction: Postive Test - Post Race
Position: Trainer
Track: Rosecroft Raceway
Penalty: Training: 15 Days 11/6/2016 thru 11/20/2016 Horse: Disqualified - Placed 8, Purse Redistribution
Action Date: October 27, 2016

For being the trainer of record on sample 22935 taken September 27, 2016 which contained the drug Caffeine in the following concentration: 204+-9 nanograms/ml.  Ms. Tina Duer is under a trainer's suspension for 15 days beginning November 6, 2016 to and including November 20, 2016.  Ms Duer also incurs 2 points in the "Medication Violation System"/  The horse CHINESE CUISINE has been disqualified from 1st and placed 8th with a purse redistribution.